Lead Like a Coach: How to Get the Most Success Out of ANY Team

Written by:
Karen Morley
Narrated by:
Kirsten Potter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
1 hour 43 minutes
To be the best leader you can be, you need to understand one simple rule: your TEAM, not YOU, needs to be the STAR

One of the hardest parts of leadership is knowing how to step away from your hard-won authority and let others step forward. Dr. Karen Morley is here to help! She emphasizes that in an environment of continuing disruption (where innovation and creativity are crucial assets), a command-and-control method of leadership is destined to fail. However, leaders who are able to coach, rather than give orders or step in, will find themselves in the midst of a solutions-forward, creative-minded, team.

* This audiobook includes a downloadable PDF of figures included in the print edition.
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