The Leadership Pill: The Missing Ingredient in Motivating People Today

Narrated by:
Walter Bobbie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2003
1 hour 16 minutes
In the bestselling tradition of Whale Done! and The One Minute Manager, their entertaining and inspiring new book is a parable about the competition between two leaders with totally different management styles—a story that reveals the ingredients of truly effective leadership.

How can you become a more successful manager, a stronger team leader, and a motivator who gets the best results from a group? Ken Blanchard and Marc Muchnick's The Leadership Pill provides the answer.

Consider this tantalizing possibility: What if there were a pill that could actually stimulate the natural powers of the mind and body to provide leadership? In the story, an amazing new pill heightens one leader's powers, but contains the wrong ingredients, stimulating him in an obsessive and shortsighted direction with disastrous results. In contrast, the Effective Leader, working without a pill, proclaims that 'only through sustainability can our teams remain motivated and successful.' An inspiring and supportive leader, he supplies the right ingredients, earning his team's respect and trust with a blend of integrity, partnership, and affirmation. The hard-won result is a highly motivated team producing consistent top performance and genuine success. Ultimately it is recognized that 'leadership for a lifetime' is much easier to digest than a pill for leaders looking for a quick fix.

Destined to be a transforming experience for countless readers, The Leadership Pill shows business managers at any level how to apply the right techniques for getting both results and the commitment of their people, even when the pressure to perform is high.
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Percy Mansfield

This was the typical Ken Blanchard experience. I rented this book against my better judgement, having read some of his other gems. His books are full of common sense that if you didn't know in advance, you shouldn't have been in the market to start with. Thank goodness I didn't have to read this....

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