Learn French Grammar: 25 Sentence Patterns for Beginners: Extended Version

Learn French Grammar: 25 Sentence Patterns for Beginners: Extended Version

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
2 hours 32 minutes
You want to speak French and sound like a native, right?

For that, you’ll need grammar.

But don’t worry, grammar is easy with this Audiobook. Just press play and here’s what happens:

• Every Lesson Teaches You 1 Grammar Rule

• You Get Multiple Example Sentences

• Our Teachers Translate and Explain Every Sentence

• Just Listen and Repeat 

• Read Along with the PDF eBook if You Want

You learn the 25 most common beginner sentence patterns that are used in everyday speech.

By the end...

• You’ll master beginner-level French grammar. 

• You’ll be able to make your own French sentences. 

• And, you’ll speak a lot more French.

Here’s what you get with Learn French Grammar: 25 Sentence Patterns for Beginners (Extended Version):

• 152 Minutes of Lessons in Total

• 25 Audio Lessons

• 25 Bonus Review Tracks

Want to read along with the Audio? No problem. You get a bonus 187 Page eBook alongside it.


This Audiobook also comes with 3 bonus lessons - that’s an extra 15+ minutes of vocabulary-boosting lessons - to help you speak more.

#1 French Vocab Builder: Common Actions

#2 French Vocab Builder: Adverbs and Phrases for Connecting Thoughts

#3 French Vocab Builder: 50 Adjectives You’ll Need to Describe Other People

Download the PDF and read along:

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