Learn German Grammar: 25 Sentence Patterns for Beginners (Extended Version)

Learn German Grammar: 25 Sentence Patterns for Beginners (Extended Version)

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2019
2 hours 38 minutes
You want to speak German and sound like a native, right?
For that, you'll need grammar.

But don't worry, grammar is easy with this Audiobook. Just press play and here's what happens:
Every Lesson Teaches You 1 Grammar Rule
You Get Multiple Example Sentences
Our Teachers Translate and Explain Every Sentence
Just Listen and Repeat
Read Along with the PDF eBook if You Want

You learn the 25 most common beginner sentence patterns that are used in everyday speech.

By the end...
You'll master beginner-level German grammar.
You'll be able to make your own German sentences.
And, you'll speak a lot more German.

Here's what you get with “Learn German Grammar: 25 Sentence Patterns for Beginners (Extended Version):
158 Minutes of Lessons in Total
25 Audio Lessons
25 Bonus Review Tracks

Want to read along with the Audio? No problem. You get a bonus 197 Page eBook alongside it.

This Audiobook also comes with 3 bonus lessons - that's an extra 15+ minutes of vocabulary-boosting lessons - to help you speak more.
#1 German Vocab Builder: Common Actions
#2 German Vocab Builder: Adverbs and Phrases for Connecting Thoughts
#3 German Vocab Builder: 50 Adjectives You'll Need to Describe Other People

Download the PDF and read along:
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