[Spanish] - Learn Spanish at your own pace. Step-by-step course for beginners

[Spanish] - Learn Spanish at your own pace. Step-by-step course for beginners

Written by:
Maria Fernandez
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
3 hours 13 minutes
Speak Spanish from lesson 1. Let Maria Fernandez take you step by step, with easy conversations and fun drills.

Make fast progress

This course is designed to help you become fluent in Spanish within a few months. Maria is a highly experienced native Spanish teacher. She has taught 1000s of Spanish learners successfully.

Build your confidence

The 24 lessons in this course will help you master topics such as: ordering food and drinks, booking a hotel room, renting a car, asking for directions, saying and understanding numbers, buying clothes, talking about yourself, and many more.

Expand your vocabulary with ease

Each lesson focuses on an everyday topic. The conversations, vocabulary section, sentence building practice and drills all help you become familiar with the words and expressions you need to communicate with native speakers.

How to make the most of this Spanish course

To develop your listening and speaking skills fast, make sure you get the accompanying book. It is sold separately and available in all stores.
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