Learn the Essentials of Business Law in 15 Days

Written by:
Rachel Spooner
Narrated by:
Rachel Spooner
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
6 hours 1 minute
Designed to outfit managers, legal professionals, entrepreneurs, and employees alike, this practical course encapsulates the essentials of navigating the law.

Like most business-savvy people, you understand how vital the law is to conducting business. Now, these 15 engaging, case-based lectures give you the practical know-how you need to be successful-and avoid costly mistakes.

An award-winning business law professor and accomplished attorney, Rachel Spooner highlights for you the fascinating nuances of agreements and contracts. To illustrate concepts that might otherwise seem dry, she draws on vivid examples that you can relate to, including The Sopranos, Weird Al parodies, and Donald Trump's non-disclosure agreements.

You'll begin with an orientation of business law before surveying the manifold legal issues that impact businesses and those who work in businesses. Most of us work in industries regulated by state and federal governments. But we also enter into dozens of transactions every day (like downloading an app), and those transactions, too, are often governed by the law. As you listen along, you will get a stronger grasp on the legal principles at play.

Convenient, fun, and intelligent, this series gives you an informative and practical introduction to contracts, torts, employment law, white-collar crime, intellectual property, securities regulation, and more. Equipped with the essential tools for understanding these topics, you will learn to anticipate and avoid legal problems while also becoming a more conscientious citizen in every aspect of your life.
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Sherie S.

The book might have been good but I couldn’t tell because the narrator was soooo bad.

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