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Learned Optimism

Written by:
Martin E.P. Seligman
Narrated by:
Martin E.P. Seligman

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 1991
1 hour 30 minutes
Without knowing it, most of us impose limits on our achievement and our happiness by approaching life's problems and challenges with unnecessary pessimism. Now, Dr. Martin Seligman, a pioneer in cognitive psychology and motivational research, tells you how to identify your own self-defeating thought patterns -- and how to harness the powers of your conscious mind to break those patterns.
The Science of Personal Control
Based on years of rigorous research, Learned Optimism examines the importance of 'explanatory style' -- the way in which we explain our problems and setbacks to ourselves -- and offers a series of exercises that will help you target unhealthy habits of pessimistic thinking and bring them under your control. More powerful and pragmatic than a simple program of positive thinking, Dr. Seligman's principles of reasoned, flexible optimism will help you:
* Attain maximum personal achievement
* Avoid feelings of helplessness and depression
* Develop a hopeful, healthy outlook
'A Marvelous Achievement!
Learned Optimism blends hard-edged science with practical advice to give us an understanding of how we hold ourselves back and how we can change for the better.'
-- Dr. Wayne Dyer
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John Gluck

If you get this book, you can take the test referred to in the book and in these comments by going to

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Diann S

Terrible. The book is based on a test you get with the book. The audio version doesn’t give you the test.

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Amulya t

Awesome book !!!!!!!!! Improved my thinking patter.n

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Michelle Sabourin

Good tips On how To be Optimistic

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Psych 101 and common sense. Not worth the trouble

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Nelson Morales

the presenters are kind of boring, they do not teach you per say, but just go over facts.

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As previous reviews indicated this CD does not have the personal survey included that is referenced on the CD. I assume there was a paper copy of the survey with the original CD. This pretty well renders the first of the two CD's useless as it is intended to evaluate the listener's optimism level based on the their responses to the many questions on this survey. The second CD then attempts to coach the listener on improving their optimism based on the baseline established from this survey.

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I have been excited to read/listen this book because I am interested in the theory of "learned helplessness". I was disappointed that you needed to have the questionaire that would have come with the book and I wanted to answer the questions to get the most out of this concept.

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The beginning of this audiobook revolves around some type of questionnaire which comes with the book if you purchase it. I ended up having to skip past a chunk of it because I couldn't "score" myself on the questions on the missing card. If you want it, buy it instead of renting it because you will get more out of it that way.

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