Lemon Meringue Pie Murder

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2008
9 hours 44 minutes
Popular author Joanne Fluke continues her Hannah Swensen mystery series with this delightful mix of sweets and suspense. Hannah Swensen, owner of The Cookie Jar bake shop, finds that she spends more time as a sleuth than as a baker. This time she must solve the mystery behind who killed the local drugstore clerk.
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rachel williams

I absolutely love this series!!! Hanna and Andrea keep me in suspense!!! I travel for across the states (Florida to California) every week and these books help me!!!

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Lisa H.

Overall I enjoyed this book and am enjoying the series. I will continue to listen as I generally like Hannah, the other characters, and the writing style. I don’t think they are the best ever, but they are good listens as you’re doing other stuff. The descriptions the author does are really great - it’s easy to picture the places and events. My biggest cons are that Hannah’s character often sounds like she’s a middle-aged harpy. I think some of this is the writing, but some is the narration. My biggest annoyance is Hannah’s love triangle. I realize these cozies are always far-fetched, but that dating situation has passed far-fetched and gone straight to utterly ridiculous. Just pick one already or have them smarten up and dump her! Oh and I always guess the killer. The narrator is getting better but I always set the speed to 1.2 so there aren’t so many pauses.

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Tamara V.

I really enjoy these books

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Great book!

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Lada S.

A good book to listen to while doing chores.

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elle nelson

enjoyed this story

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Brandy K.

I love this series. Narrator is ok, just not huge on her voices. Especially since I have seen the Hallmark series.

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Jess B.

I love this series. I especially love the books that were not made into Hallmark movies.

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Throughly enjoyed listening to the books

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Another great mystery

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