Let It Go: A Friendly Menage Tale

Let It Go: A Friendly Menage Tale

Written by:
K.D. West
Narrated by:
Milo Churchcutt
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
1 hour 20 minutes
What happens when your nightmare wanders into your happily-ever-after dream?If Helen has anything to say about it, it isn't going to end well for the nightmareHelen, Tommy, and Al have reached their gold at the end of the rainbow. Their ride off into the sunset. Their polyamorous honeymoon on an idyllic tropical beach.

Unfortunately, a cloud from Helen's past threatens to darken their paradise. Will her wonderful new relationship with her best friend Tommy and his husband Al survive the arrival of her former fiancé... and his new wife?

(FMM bisexual romance, polyamory)


Helen was happy.

Of course she was happy. Why wouldn’t she be happy? She had every reason to be happy.

Here she was, walking down the path from the beachside, open-walled cabin where she’d left her lovers, Al and Tommy, back asleep after an amazing morning of passion — of passion for real, as Tommy put it. Passion with a purpose. Passion to make the baby they all wanted.

She could feel the remainder of that passion as she sauntered down the sandy path toward the yoga studio, her rolled mat over her shoulder. It felt wonderful.

It felt… terrifying.
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