Let the Ghosts Speak

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Bryan Davis

Narrated By: David Pickering

Publisher: Findaway Voices

Date: May 2020

Duration: 8 hours 37 minutes


Let the ghosts speak—but will the sane heed their counsel?

In 19th century Paris, Justin Trotter, an immigrant from England, is making his way as a book translator while paying for his blind twin sister’s care. One evening, Marc Noël, Justin’s well-to-do friend and fellow thespian, invites him to a masquerade party at an abandoned schoolhouse. Justin hopes this will be an opportunity to get to know Marc’s lovely though sharp-tongued sister, Francine.

At the event, Justin meets four ghostly strangers—two adults and two children—who warn him that the party guests are in danger, and they must leave at once. True to their prediction, a murder takes place, and Justin is the prime suspect. He escapes and becomes a fugitive, hiding in the Paris catacombs.

Mystery and intrigue swirl as the ghost of Joan of Arc and other martyrs guide Justin on a lonely journey to prove his innocence and protect his sister from an abusive caretaker. Who really committed the crime? Marc? Francine? A ghost? And does seeing these ghosts mean he is going insane? Maybe he really is the murderer after all.

There is only one way to find out, to let the ghosts speak as they reveal the mysteries within Justin’s mind.


  • Kat W.

    “Wandering in the hallways of this author’s illusions.” “The ghosts tell me that few remember. Remember him for the good man he was.” “The girl’s face stayed on my mind like a haunting specter.” “A dull thump shook my attention to a place unseen beyond the boundaries of the candlelight.” “Only when love conquers all bitterness and all dread will you be able to let the ghosts speak.” Full of intrigue and mystery, this book is full of captivating quotes of which I only listed a few. This most certainly is not my usual genre of choice. However I was enthralled from the introduction! It is truly captivating writing. I felt glued to the words, waiting to hear what would happen to these fated characters. Although it is a ghost story it’s not a horror book. I appreciate that. It lacks gore, leaving enough to the imagination so as not to cause severe anxiety. It’s intriguing and suspenseful without being nightmarish. I found it such an interesting writing perspective! A murder mystery written from the perspective of the suspected murderer. The way it’s written it reminds me of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It’s written in the style of journal entries telling of the events which occurred. I have been an avid reader of Bryan Davis since I was only twelve years old but his writings continue to fascinate me. He is an excellent weaver of words. That being said this book doesn’t read like many of his others. It has a much different tone, but that is certainly not a mark against it. I found it wonderful to experience yet another avenue of his writing style. Additionally, I am an avid audiobook listener, and this reader did not disappoint! His narration was full of feeling and conviction! It was easy to forget that he wasn't the actual characters!! A true pleasure to listen to. I will definitely be looking into what other books he narrates just for the sake of listening to his captivating voice again. This book was quite a journey. It was horrifying, but not in the way you might think. It’s horrifying to realize that justice may not come to pass. To realize that the innocent may be in danger for crimes they did not commit. This book holds you captive as you try to sift through the events taking place to find the hidden truth. I truly hope people will give this book a chance no matter what genre they’re used to reading. It will be well worth their time.

  • Sabrina F.

    Intriguing and unique storyline! I’ve suggested this to all my “book” friends since finishing it last week. First, my family is very much a Bryan Davis fan club. We have enjoyed the Dragon themed books tremendously, and I recently enjoyed a totally different genre twist in his dystopian Heaven Came Down novel. Though I’d already pre-ordered the Kindle e-book edition, I received a free copy of Let the Ghosts Speak audiobook in exchange for an honest review and I was blown away. This story is such a unique and well-written tale. I was not expecting yet another genre change into historical fiction within a mystery. I found myself staying up way too late into the night to find out the ending. Mr. Davis begins by building a solid backstory for Mr. Justin Trotter, a young man who is working as a translator while pursuing an acting career. He is a roommate and best friend of Marc Noel, a wealthy chap who pushes Justin to have more fun in life. Justin, invited to a masquerade party given by Marc’s mother, feels the pull of responsibility (he pays for the care of his blind sister) against the possibility of time with his love interest, Francine. Marc keeps removing each obstacle to his attending the party, until finally and fatefully, Justin agrees to go. During the party there is an argument, a murder, a prescient warning from an unlikely source, suspicion and accusations, and ultimately Justin is forced to escape and become a fugitive in an attempt to clear his name. A wise police detective realizes all may not be as it seems, and works hard to investigate thoroughly and properly. Justin, who has an unrealized ability to see ghosts, learns more about those helping him, and presents us with a thought-provoking moment. What if it were possible for martyrs to return and help lead their tormentors to redemption? I found this novel to be full of suspense, and the audiobook narrator did a wonderful job of moving the action along to the surprise conclusion. His voice was the perfect choice for this book.

Let the Ghosts Speak

by Bryan Davis

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Let the Ghosts Speak, Bryan Davis
Let the Ghosts Speak, Bryan Davis
This title is due for release on May 5, 2020.

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Let the Ghosts Speak, Bryan Davis
This title is due for release on May 5, 2020
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Let the Ghosts Speak, Bryan Davis
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Let the Ghosts Speak, Bryan Davis

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