Liberty Falling

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2008
12 hours 2 minutes
Award-winning novelist Nevada Barr sends her remarkable sleuth, Ranger Anna Pigeon, to spectacular national parks to solve baffling crimes. In Liberty Falling, Anna leaves the rugged countryside of Colorado to face the concrete wilds of New York City. As soon as she hears her older sister is gravely ill, Anna rushes to the Big Apple to sit at her bedside. Between hospital visits, she relaxes at the park service quarters on Liberty Island and explores the crumbling ruins of Ellis Island where thousands of immigrants once were processed. Rest escapes her, however, when a teenage girl mysteriously plunges to her death from the Statue of Liberty-and Anna herself suffers a dangerous tumble. The Park Service claims the falls could only be accidents, but Anna wonders if there is a common purpose behind them. Nevada Barr's vivid descriptions and narrator Barbara Rosenblat's dramatic performance transport you to New York City to share in all the danger and the excitement.
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Carol B.

I started listening with less enthusiasm than for other Anna Pigeon Audios in the Bookclub, simply because it takes place in the city. I soon got over my prejudice and settled in for a very enjoyable listen. As always, full of the unexpected, good character descriptions along with great descriptions of the area. I have never been to New York or to Liberty island, but I am sure, were I ever go there, I wouldn’t need a guide book, thanks to Nevada Barr‘s wonderful descriptions.

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