Lie With Me

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
8 hours 54 minutes
Oliver Brightly

I'm halfway across the world in a bar in London celebrating my last year of vet school when I spot the sexiest silver fox I've ever seen. We flirt, we kiss, and I have one of the best nights of my life. I'm sure I'll never see him again, which is why I don't give him my real name.

Weeks later, I walk into Stonewall Investigations in Miami looking for help and who do I find? A certain silver-haired fox with a cocky grin and an accent that makes my knees melt.

Beckham Noble

I went back to London so I could bury my father and put our rocky past to rest. Drinking the evening away at a pub would be the emotionally therapeutic thing to do. That's where I met one of the most interesting and attractive guys I'd ever chatted with, one I wanted to get to know from his head to his toes. One I was sure I would never see again.

Cut to three weeks later, when the object of my intense desire walks into my office looking for help with a murder that had been haunting him for years.

Contains mature themes.
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Beckham Noble is 40 years old man from UK who cut ties with his homophobic father at 16. He moved to America and now works in Stonewall Investigations Beckham receives news about his alcoholic dad passing away. He flies to London to attend the funeral, but later that evening Noble hits the club where he meets Oli. Oliver Brightly is a young man, on a last year of vet school, Jonah’s brother (the one we met in “Bad Idea”). Oli is bright and funny, but he carries a heavy weight of the past. He lost his loved one to an attack of two homophobic as…holes who beat them and stabbed Oliver’s boyfriend to death. Oli wants closer, he wants to put all worries and demons to rest. With this in mind he walks in Stonewall Investigations to seek professional help and to his astonishment he sees Beckham. Noble takes the case and does his best to solve it, meanwhile both Oli and Beck fall in love Investigation takes an unexpected turn so the book holds your attention till the very end. Keep in mind that if you want to know what happened to an unsolved case from the first two books you will need to read the last one in these series “His First Surrender”

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