Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right

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Written By: Al Franken

Narrated By: Al Franken

Date: September 2003

Duration: 9 hours 53 minutes


For the first time since his bestselling RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A BIG FAT IDIOT, Franken trains his subversive wit directly on the contemporary political scene. Now, the 'master of political humor' (Washington Post) destroys the myth of liberal bias in the media and exposes how the Right shamelessly tries to deceive the rest of us. No one is spared as Al uses the Right's own words against them: not Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, the entire Fox network nor the Bush administration. This is the book Al Franken fans have been waiting for (and his foes have been dreading).


  • Judith B

    I learned so much about the tactics the GOP has been employing, in collusion with right-wing media and moguls, to lead this nation to its current sorry plight of income inequality, racial division, the War on the Poor, and much else that is disheartening. Loved listening to Al, and he does use facts and truth, which is refreshing. Anyone who is confused or even sick at heart about the nation's current state will find the answers to how it happened in this book. None of it started with Donald Trump. He's just the logical conclusion.

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  • Mikko L

    I really liike the way Al writes. This book is well writen, read, so funny and very educational. Everybody should read this book to Have better understandin on US polarized Discorse.

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  • Anonymous

    This book is highly gratifying to those of us who were frustrated by what we perceived to be the lies of the George W. Bush administration and its right wing radio and TV supporters and the general silence of the mainstream media. The author refutes, with facts and citations, including recordings and writings, many of the outrageous untruths the public was told during that time, and he does it with occasional flashes of humor.

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  • Scott T

    I really enjoyed this book. The stories are well written, well researched, well read. It was a real eye opener, although it did leave me a little depressed about the state of democracy in America. It did drag a wee bit a couple of times, but overall it's a great book and well worth your time.

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  • Valerie

    The only shame about this book is that it has such a sarcastic title, and that Al Franken is known mainly as a comedian. Now that he is running for Senate (7/08), maybe he will gain more credibility as a knowledgeable politician who happens to have a biting wit. This book, while blisteringly funny, is also very well researched and could well be a text book for journalism students at all levels (I used to be a reporter). It explains, in sometimes disturbing detail, how the right-wing media not only lie, but how the mainstream media have bought into those lies so that they become part of recent "history" that is really apocriphal. Even though I try still to be a news "junkie" (although my new career often prevents me from being as up on current events as I would like), I learned A LOT from this book, and gained a new perspective on how the right-wing media's lies have so thorougly infiltrated our collective psyche. Enjoy!!

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  • Buck Satan

    Mr. Touchy Feely, I guess you know by now that what comes around, goes around. Couldn't have happened to a more unfunny jack ass.

  • Wesley M

    This is typical fodder for the masses. Franken makes arguments that are contrary to common sense and reason.

  • Anonymous

    Others have reveiwed it better than I could hope to. I agree whole heartedly with the reviews below by Valerie and Sharon S. A must read!

  • Sharon S

    Awesome! Funny! A well researched, poignant look at how the media distorts and pollutes the airwaves with their version of the "news". Loved the delivery, very entertaining, enlightening and scary all at once.

  • Anonymous

    Forget his politics. Who cares? Nobody's going to convince anybody of anything. Franken's worst sin is that he just isn't funny. I was bored to distraction by this piece of drivel. If you want funny, try Jon Stewart's, that's laugh out loud funny! Franken comes off as the pimple faced kid in the back of the classroom who thinks that smart ass equals smart. Ho hum. What a waste of a rental.

  • Anonymous

    Al Franken is hilarious. It was very entertaining to hear this story told by it's author. This book is especially funny if you're a liberal.

  • Anonymous

    I feel Mr. Franken should be sued for defamation and libelous in this addition of misinformation run amuck liberal style. He again proves he has lost all touch with families who are Christian and make up the heartland of this country. He and many of his anti-Bush crazed fiends continue to try to brain-wash the young college crowd and other emotionally vulnerable Americans... WAKE UP and tell these Hollywood idiots you are too smart to believe their anti-American BS!!!

  • Anonymous

    One of my co-workers suggested this book would be a good read, so I listened to it instead. I’m a moderate republican who is exceptionally fond of our nation. Al Franken’s book is an extraordinary work of truth seeking, laughter and commentary. I truly enjoyed his book and appreciate a different view from what I’m accustomed to. Thank you Al Franken and please continue writing, good luck in Minnesota.

  • Gary Kuhlken

    I've tried really hard to become more understanding of the way other people think. But after reading Franken, I'm more certain than ever that we conservatives are right (accidental joke). I'm embarrassed to admit I was liberal in my college days. Franken, however, is a pretty funny guy, no matter how screwed up he is...gary

  • Cheryl Sattler

    Al Franken surprised me with the facts he researched, but I found his delivery difficult to listen to and worried that I wasn't clear when he was joking and when he was serious. This is a must-listen for any politico or wonk, but caution is warranted.

  • Gary Jacobs

    Usually political books date quickly and are of limited interest unless you care to plod through matters once again. I began this one with that expectation. Not so. Franken is funny, smart and outraged. He's also dead-on with the facts. The one bit that struck me as unnecessary was going into Bob Jones University with a fake story -- not the best idea in a book about liars. Thing is, he didn't need it, he had the case without it. Overall, a funny, biting book. Thumb's up!

  • Charlie Dixon

    Short sweet and Extremely funny if your a Franken fan. Al's read makes the book of course. Stay away from this one if your a conservative republican.

  • Peggy Stortz

    While there are portions of this book that are tedious and overblown, there are sections that made me laugh so hard that I had to pull over to prevent myself from wrecking my car. Especially hilarious are Franken's email response to critics, his visit to Bob Jones College and his encounter with Barbara Bush. I do wish that all of America could hear the facts in this book.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely the best book I've listened to this year! I intend to listen to it a few more times and look forward to his other books.

  • Patricia Clark

    Although I usually appreciate Al Frankin's humour, I found this book (and particularly his voice) a ranting hissy fit directed at another political critic that I know little about. I couldn't get much past this before I gave up and returned the book unfinished.

  • Raven OKeefe

    thank the gods Al Franken makes his points with such wit and clever humor, or the truth he tells about lies and the lying liars who tell them would make me weep. his delivery is wonderful, his timing is superb, and he makes it possible to listen to all the sorry situations he describes and still keep a sense of humor, even while it enrages and stirs us to action. uh, p.s., if you really really think fox news is "fair and balanced" ... you might want to give this one a pass. you might sprain something.

  • Anonymous

    For anyone who is not a "W" fan. Franken speaks openly and honestly about the state of our government and the right wing "Christian" conservatives who speak out in favor of this government. Good for some great laughs!

  • Michael Herb

    I loved this book. Regardless of your political affiliation I think anyone could benefit from listening to Al Franken. His dismantling of the conservative mainstream medias' attempt to distort and mislead the public about what it means to be a liberal borders on heroic. Franken's book does a service to everyone by exposing people like: Anne Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh as dishonest self serving hacks. They take advantage of their audiences ignorance by filling their heads with lies designed to create outrage. They then use the rancor they have created to manipulate public opinion and enhance their own influence I don't see anybody conservative or liberal benefitting by the mean spirited inaccuracies these wanna be demagogues spread. Franken takes them on intelligently, ethically, and with great humor. I am grateful to him for that.

  • york johnson

    Thank you Al for providing an antidote to the rampant, mean spirited, petty, rumor mongering that dominates much of the media. Brilliant research, superb humor, and Al's voice make for pleasant ingestion.

  • Anonymous

    Being a liberal and a comedy fan, I'm predisposed to like Franken and believe what he says. But I was not prepared for the thoroughness of his research (kudos to "Team Franken") and the very compelling case he makes for his title. He deconstructs the Right's lies, big and small, to such devastating effect that I can't imagine anyone giving this a serious listen will ever read or hear any statement from any level of the Republican/Right/conservative machine without a high degree of skepticism. Franken has restored my faith in liberalism and given me hope that maybe, just maybe, history's more objective determination will judge the Bush legacy in the context of its lies rather than its "spin". p.s. Franken is very funny, too!

  • Robert Varnon

    Excellent book! My wife and I both enjoyed this extremely well documented and researched discussion, which addressed so many conservative spokespersons.

  • Thomas Corley

    Al Franken is a very funny and very intelligent individual. I hated him before I read this book. Now I love him.

  • Walter Mallon

    To be fair, I didn't realize this was a communist manefesto when I rented it or I never would have. I turned it off during the first CD and returned it.

  • Anonymous

    The book was not what I expected. I didn't even finish the first set of CDs and had to cancel the rest of the CDs. It is full of sarcastic political jokes, but kind of stupid. Don't waste your time on this if you are not a political fanatic.

  • Tom D.

    I am an avid fan of Al Franken's and listen to his radio program Air America when I can. I think Franken is brilliant. Brilliance somethimes can be misunderstood. In Bush's case ...well when your stupid you can see it quite simply and clearly! I did think Franken got a little carried away with focusing a little too much on certain subjects but I have always felt if when reading a book if you get one thing from it you didn't know otherwise it is worth it. Franken is extremely bright and I laughed out loud a few times..which was worth this book alone.

  • Anonymous

    One of the most boring books I've ever read in my life.

  • Anonymous

    I loved this book. I have always been a fan of Al's but never really knew just how smart he was. I am not a fan of the current administration, so this was right up my alley. Even if you are a fan of the Bushy's this book should be read by you. We can all learn something from this. It will make you laugh at times and make you angry at other times. Read this Book!

  • Robert Rush

    Franken exhibits incredible stupidity in writing this piece of crap...An example..? This moron dedicated a whole book on "Liars" and fails to mention Clinton's "...I did not have sex...." episode with the Lewinski scandal...Clinton wasted his last years in office fighting off impeachment for Purgery.....Yet Franken rails on Newt Gingrich for an affair with his secretary.... What a hypocrite.... I'm registered Independent, with this CD, I hoped to gain some insight to the Liberal perspective....Franken is so criminally biased he is incapable of "even-handed analysis" that would give credibility to his Liberal him all Republicans are Liars and all Dems are at worst "misunderstood".... Franken almost caused me to change my party affiliation to Republican....LOL.... Franken is THEE worst "front" person for the Liberal perspective and appears to be more of a secret weapon in promoting the Conservative movement...nice Al...

  • Anonymous

    Very funny. The best audiobook I have heard yet.

  • Jaymie DeWitt

    I want to invite Al Franken to my next dinner party. This was a great book all around. Loved his Bill O'Reilly story the best.

  • Julia Stevenson

    I've never really paid much attention to Al Franken before, but now I want to follow him wherever he goes. I was laughing out loud for much of the book. From his hysterical criticism of Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity to the tale of his visit to Bob Jones University, Franken is one of the funniest democrats out there, as well as one of the smartest, most well spoken comedians. Don't listen to this if you're a Republican with no sense of humor; for everyone else, this is a must-read.

  • Mary H.

    Must have been over my head...I hated it. =( Sorry to be so negative - I thought I would give it a try - but really didn't like it at all!)

  • Anonymous

    One of the best books about right wing nuts. Besides being very educational, it is worth listening to just because of its humor.

  • Marcus Edward

    My first introduction to Franken, whose focus on truth-telling is very appealing. Sometimes, at least read out loud, his ideas are a bit too detailed, as in, I GOT the point already. Still, he reads well, and his points are often startling because the conservative liars are so egregious.

  • Anonymous

    Did not read the book, but suspect hearing it makes for a better experience of Franken's thoughts about the right. If you agree with his politics, he preaches to the choir, if you don't, you'll find some of this disturbing. Franken seems to side with Abbie Hoffman's (RIP) notion that sacred cows make the best hamburger.

  • Anonymous

    A real "page turner", the eight CDs kept me interested.

  • Theresa

    Wow. I love a book that challenges me. I was given some very good insight on the workings of our politicians and how to streach the truth. Al is a little rough in rating people not of his beliefs or political affiliation. I didn't get the opinion that he was a practicing Jew, but he went about torching Christians for practicing their faith. In all I'm glad I listened to his work, but wouldn't necessarily go to an event he was speaking at.

  • Michael Scott

    This book had me roaring with laughter repeatedly during my commute to / from work.. Very witty, and extremely informative. I appreciated his candor, and his willingness to back his claims up. I've added the rest of his books to my list, and even suggested one that wasn't already ON SAB. Worth the "read".

  • Kathryn Mahady

    This was a hilarious look at the nastiness of politics today. Al Franken has a great way of presenting his research in a frank and sometimes scathing way and pulls no punches with his critics!

  • Gem Spector

    What a hoot! This book kept me laughing cover to cover. Franken substantiates his charges of the right-wing's willingness to deceive with the extensive detail supplied by his Harvard student-researchers. A great read, fiercely funny.

  • Anonymous

    "Lies lies and more lies"....Franken comes off as an imbittered two year old crying to his mommy. Who is Al Franken and what qualifies him? His claim to fame is a therapist on SNL, which I might add that I just loved! Franken's views here however are convoluted, misinformed, biased, partisan and WRONG. Anything by Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity is more worth your time than this drivel. Al, your book isn't good enough, your not smart enough, and over 60 million people don't like you.

  • Anonymous

    These cd's had me laughing, gasping and shaking my head every day on the way to and from work. Franken assembled a team of researchers to investigate some of the more colorful right wing personalities' claims and guess what - they lie. Franken takes them apart piece by piece in an entertaining, engaging book that more people that don't want to, should read! If you're mad and you don't know why, this book will help you out.

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right

by Al Franken

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Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, Al Franken
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, Al Franken
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Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, Al Franken
This title is due for release on September 22, 2003
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Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, Al Franken
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Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, Al Franken

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