Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Not Die

Written by:
Stephen Hawley Martin
Narrated by:
Michael Bowen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
5 hours 19 minutes
What happens when we die? This new edition of Life After Death adds to powerful evidence consciousness which continues the author presented in his 2015 release. He spent two years gathering information that demonstrates this and along the way interviewed more than a hundred experts in a number of different fields. Among them were parapsychologists, medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, quantum physicists, and researchers into the true nature of reality. Specific examples are presented that indicate what happens when we die, for example that memories can be formed and retained despite a subject's brain having been shut down and the blood drained from it. Questions such as whether or not you will be able to communicate with living loved ones after death are addressed, if it is possible to be reborn, and what might be missing from reproductive theory to explain the various phenomena indicated in the many case histories and scientific investigations presented. All of us will someday cross the border to what Shakespeare called "The undiscovered country." As long as we must make that trip, wouldn't it be smart to find out where we are going and what to expect when we get there?
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Troy D.

This book really puts all of the mystery to rest on what happens to us when we die. It is based on facts and evidence from studies which give credibility to life after death. It has really changed my life and how I look at the people around me.

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Kelli S.

Enjoyed listening to this book, lots of things lined up and made sense putting my heart at ease.

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