Life Is a Series of Presentations: 8 Ways to Punch Up Your People Skills at Work, at Home, Anytime, Anywhere

Written by:
J.E. Fishman , Tony Jeary
Narrated by:
Tony Jeary

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2004
2 hours 59 minutes
Presentation Mastery Is The Key to Professional and Personal Success.
As presentation coach to America's top CEOs, Tony Jeary is known as Mr. Presentation™. In his work with more than 500 world-class organizations in 35 countries, he has found a common denominator in every situation: Your success in life depends upon how you approach the millions of opportunities before you. In this insightful and compelling audiobook, Jeary reveals the eight simple secrets that you can put to work immediately to achieve dramatic results!
Unless you're a hermit living on a mountaintop, your life largely consists of interactions with the people around you. Jeary's eight essential practices allow you to master any interaction, whether it involves a roomful of colleagues, a small group, or just one person. You will learn:
• The big question presenters consistently forget to ask themselves
• The 10 personality types you must be able to recognize and handle
• The firepower of your own Presentation Arsenal
• The magic behind the mnemonic I P R E S E N T
Engaging, informative, and loaded with useful anecdotes, this audiobook will teach you skills that change the way you approach every situation. You will gain confidence, respect, and credibility while being more time-efficient and, of course, more influential. This will have an immediate impact on you, both professionally and personally. Because your life is a series of presentations.
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Owen Mullings

Has a fairly systematic and structured way to consistently develop your presentation skills in any setting. Currently using this as a textbook for my studies in this area.

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