Life’s a Mango

Written by:
Jen Compton
Narrated by:
Jen Compton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
3 hours 26 minutes
A keen awareness of this present moment, and real gratitude for it, will bring you ever closer to the inner joy you long for. In Life's a Mango, Jen Compton applies universal ideas to remind us that there's always a kinder way of dealing with life's situations.
The Sioux Indians said that the longest journey we will ever take is from the head to the heart. Jen's book is a travel companion to help you get there – in a soothing, inspiring way.
Using parts of the mango as metaphors – the skin, the brown bits, the flesh and the seed – Jen's inspirational poetry sheds a more positive, compassionate light on life. It will make you smile, reflect, and ultimately it will help to bring our the best version of you!
Everyone from five-year-olds to centenarians will find guidance, truth and hope here. Open this book at any page and be instantly uplifted by a feel-good message.
Now with mandalas to colour and journal pages, this book is a very special edition to your bedside or coffee table collection.
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