Life's a Witch

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Brittany Geragotelis

Narrated By: Joy Osmanski

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: July 2013

Duration: 9 hours 20 minutes


Hadley Bishop uses magic for her own means--a designer closet full of no repeat outfits, beauty spells, influence in the popular crowd--and she likes it that way. After all, witchcraft has come a long way since Salem, where innocent people were routinely hunted down and put to death. Except some of the people who died in the Salem Witch Trials were actual witches (like Hadley's ancestor Bridget), and some of their accusers were witches too (a coven run by the Parrish family). To Hadley though, that's ancient history. She lives firmly in the present--though she has been having the strangest reoccurring dreams about Bridget and her daughter.

Out of nowhere, the past catches up to the present. The adults from Hadley's coven are magically attacked and they all disappear. Now, Hadley must lead the young members of the Cleri, teaching them about spellcraft and defense, to avenge their elders and rescue whoever's left. If only that hot guy who's been shadowing her weren't so distracting. He definitely has plenty of secrets of his own, not to mention a bit of magic. But whose side is he on? Can Hadley trust her magic--and her heart--to guide her coven to victory over the Parrishables?