Like Riding A Motorcycle: SOFIA SOL COCKER

Like Riding A Motorcycle: SOFIA SOL COCKER

Written by:
Faleena Hopkins
Narrated by:
Jack Stella , Robyn Verne
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
6 hours 55 minutes
Like Riding A Motorcycle, Book 13 in Cocker Brothers, Sofia Sol:

I was raised to be like my parents - Jett and Luna Cocker - a hero and a rebel. I'm the leader of the kids who grew up in The Cipher's M.C., who, now as adults, save the innocent. But we are forbidden to think of each other as anything other than blood, though I share none with them. Can I help it if I want to break down locked doors?

'Humor, heart and hard decisions are woven through this tale of betrayal, loyalty and love, but it has a beautiful happy ending and a follow up that had me in tears.' - Violin Vixen Blog  
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