LiME: Leadership in Motion & Experience: A Proven Model for Unleashing Greatness

LiME: Leadership in Motion & Experience: A Proven Model for Unleashing Greatness

Written by:
Ephraim Osaghae
Narrated by:
Radostin Radev
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
1 hour 14 minutes
The stakes have rarely been higher for youth leadership and empowerment in this era. You’re reading a book earning widespread attention for its significant contribution to the solutions.

As LiME founder and project leader, Ephraim Osaghae is fixing leadership from the roots. He has helped talented youth win the battles against identity issues, conflicting priorities, low self-worth, lack of motivation, and underperformance. He has also inspired achievers to attain greater heights.

In this book, Ephraim shows how leading from inside-out can empower one for the change that positively impacts one’s world. Using LiME as a case study and model, this book is a call to action for young people and people of other age groups willing to learn and grow. It provides authentic frameworks for:

- Learning from legends and global leaders of our time
- Recognising hidden potentials
- Developing a stable growth mindset
- Arming self and groups with exceptional and balanced leadership skills
- Gaining practical insights into diverse experiences

Are you seeking to elevate intentionality, self-discovery and leadership for yourself, someone, or a group? Then, grab this book and learn through shared realities and documentaries of how LiMErs have unleashed their greatness.
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