A Lion Among Men: Volume Three in The Wicked Years

Written by:
Gregory Maguire
Narrated by:
John McDonough

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2008
12 hours 0 minutes
Return to a darker Oz with Gregory Maguire. In A Lion Among Men, the third volume in Maguire’s acclaimed, New York Times bestselling series The Wicked Years, a fuller, more complex Cowardly Lion is brought to life and gets to tell his remarkable tale. It is a story of oppression and fear in a world gone mad with war fever—of Munchkins, Wizards, and Wicked Witches—and especially of a gentle soul and determined survivor who is truly A Lion Among Men.
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If you want a more complex look into the land of OZ, THIS is the book that you soon get lost in. When I first read Wicked (the 1st in the series) I was amazed at the "heavy"topics of war, class war, and how everyone went from friends to bring faced with choosing sides like lines of morality, finding out who really is a friend or foe, to how much political& religious ideals soon tear people apart& just like our world...as you grow up, life becomes more complex than just running around in a fairy tale. Wicked will probably take you awhile to get "sucked in" but once you do you sure won't see that movie the same ever again.I lived the first, short of liked the 2nd, and fell right into this one,A Lion Among Men. Excited to read the 4th-Amy in Dallas

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