The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War

Written by:
Edward J. Renehan Jr.
Narrated by:
John McDonough

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2008
11 hours 14 minutes
Family memoirs and previously unpublished material provide the backdrop for this poignant portrait of a man whose heroic idealism inspired a nation. Edward Renehan's graceful prose allows listeners a close-up look at an entire family of larger-than-life heroes. Theodore Roosevelt taught his sons that wealth and influence were inextricably bound with a duty to defend democracy to the death. His own exemplary conduct in the Spanish-American War helped win the war for the United States. Later, as the world watched the 'Great War' escalate in Europe, Roosevelt's four sons competed with one another to be the first at the front lines. The pride of watching his sons live up to his high expectations was bittersweet: his youngest was killed in action, and two were seriously wounded. Informative and insightful, this family saga reveals the powerful bond between a devoted father and his children. John McDonough's impeccable narration exposes the complexity of the Rough Rider who espoused the warrior way of life but sorely regretted the tragedy his ideals visited upon his sons.
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