Litter Bugs (A Music Audio Story): Storytime with Anna Christina

Litter Bugs (A Music Audio Story): Storytime with Anna Christina

Written by:
Anna Christina
Narrated by:
Anna Christina
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
0 hours 4 minutes
Litter Bugs teaches children the importance of keeping our environment tidy and clean in a fun and enthusiastic way.
Bugsville is a lovely town full of neat little houses, tidy gardens and very clean streets. There is never any litter around, thanks to The Bug Club! The Bug Club is a group of friends who keep their town in good order. Together they sweep the streets, pick up rubbish and put it in the bins. One day they notice more and more litter in the streets and they decide to investigate!

Children love the catchy sing-along song and will naturally want to join in. This fun music audiobook encourages group effort, problem-solving and cooperation.


- Specially composed classical music, phrased to and throughout the narrative.
- A fun sing-along song.
- Immersive sound effects and Foley.
- Full cast - multiple character voices.
- Narrated and created by the author, Anna Christina.

Music Audio Stories are entertaining immersive full cast music audiobooks with brilliant soundtracks, sing-along songs, sound effects, and fun stories in an animal kingdom. Created by the multi-award-winning author, narrator, musician, producer, and owner of Music Audio Stories, Anna Christina.

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