Little Altars Everywhere

Written by:
Rebecca Wells
Narrated by:
Judith Ivey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2009
9 hours 46 minutes
“Brilliant. . . . A structural tour de force. . . . A classic Southern tale of dysfunctional and marginal madness. The author’s gift for giving life to so many voices leaves the reader profoundly moved.”— Seattle Weekly

The companion novel to Rebecca Wells’s celebrated #1 New York Times bestseller Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Who can resist the rich cadences of Sidda Walker and her flamboyant, secretive mother, Vivi? Here, the young Sidda—a precocious reader and an eloquent observer of the fault lines that divide her family—leads us into her mischievous adventures at Our Lady of Divine Compassion parochial school and beyond. A Catholic girl of pristine manners, devotion, and provocative ideas, Sidda is the very essence of childhood joy and sorrow.

Little Altars Everywhere is an insightful, piercing, and unflinching evocation of childhood, a loving tribute to the transformative power of faith, and a thoroughly fresh chronicle of a family that is as haunted as it is blessed.

While this surely wasn't the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (which I adored), it had all the same characters (Sidda's boyfriend is pretty scarce though) and a similar feel. The little vignettes told from the point of view and in the 'voice' of different characters was cool. This didn't have the impact as Ya-Ya Sisterhood, but maybe because it seemed somewhat derivative. Still it was enjoyable though far too short!

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LOVED THIS BOOK! Touching, heartbreaking, hilarious all rolled into one book! I flew threw these CDs...and listend to it again before sending it back.

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Deborah Martinson

Rebecca Wells combines the interest, the humor, the style that makes a popular book hum. But there's literature here lurking in the depth of ideas, the complexity of her look at humanity. The reading is superb.

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danetta mendenhall

I loved this book! Author knows how to write a real story about real people with true heart and soul. Her sense of humor is wonderful! I laughed and laughed throughout the book while, at the same time feeling so sad for the very same characters. The narrator is great - she captured the characters so well that I felt like I was right there in the middle of it all! Too bad the book had to end.

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Rosemarie Rennie

I liked the switching of point-of-views from character to character. But this book doesn't come close in humor to the Ya-Yas. I lost interest a few times because there wasn't enough happening but complaining and self-pitying by a bunch of drunks.

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