Little Does She Know: If Only She Knew Book 1

Little Does She Know: If Only She Knew Book 1

Written by:
Pamela Crane
Narrated by:
Meghan Kelly , Leslie Howard
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
8 hours 26 minutes
Would you destroy your best friend to save your husband...if he's done the unspeakable?

Ginger Mallowan embodies everything the 1980s stand for, from big hair to power suits to 'Material Girl'...until her son disappears during a beach walk one night. That's the moment girls don't want to have fun anymore, and the moment she starts hunting for answers.

Now Ginger's hair is a bit flatter, her power suits packed into the attic, and her dance steps to Madonna lack the energy of better days. She hasn't found—or forgotten—her missing son, and she's only survived the grief thanks to her neighbor and keeper of secrets, Tara Christie.

Except for Ginger's darkest secret of all...about what happened the night her son disappeared.

But that vow of friendship is tested when Tara is jarred awake one night by a scream coming from next-door, where she finds Ginger standing over a dead body. Even stranger, Tara's husband is nowhere to be found.

As the investigation shakes the town to its core, and Tara's husband is charged with the murder, Tara must choose between proving her husband's innocence or protecting Ginger's past.

Little does she know they're about to stumble down a twisty path that could destroy them all.

A twisty psychological thriller that is at once a chilling murder mystery, a heartbreaking family drama, and an ode to the bond of friendship. Perfect for fans of Verity, Lisa Jewell, and The Last Thing He Told Me.

'Crane succeeds at painting families and friendships in vivid detail; women will see their tussles and triumphs in these pages, and will relish the twists and moments of brave camaraderie and bold revenge.' - Booklist
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