Little Red House

Written by:
Liv Andersson
Narrated by:
Mia Barron

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
10 hours 46 minutes
In 1997, Eve Foster’s daughter, Kelsey, runs away to New Mexico and vanishes without a trace. Eve is convinced that she’s the victim of a serial killer who’s been hunting women in the region, but Kelsey’s body is never found. Years later, Eve dies, leaving everything to her adopted twin daughters. The majority of the wealthy estate in Vermont goes to Lisa, the “good daughter,” while Connie inherits only a small stipend and a property in New Mexico. Connie, often the target of Eve's cruelty, suspects this was another of her mother's vindictive games. Connie arrives in New Mexico to find a small, dilapidated red house in the desert and the home’s mysterious caretaker, Jet Montgomery, living in a shack on the property. She learns there's been a string of women murdered in the area—murders that no one will talk about. Before Connie can get to the truth, her mother’s sadistic mind games come creeping back from the grave, and now the danger becomes all too real. With a serial killer on the loose and a trove of deadly secrets coming to the surface, Connie is in a desperate race to save herself and what little is left of her shattered family.
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A pretty good puzzle. Lots of twists. I liked the narrator right up until she mispronounced “cache” as “cachet”…. Ugh!

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This was a good listen. The twists and turns kept me interested.

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Osman Raidhan

A great listen with many twists and turns! Narration was good too

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Vickie L.

Slow beginning. I was surprised at the end and the story kept my interest to a level I didn’t want to turn it off. Excellently written with a lot of twists. A great story to keep you in suspense. The ending is very surprising!!!

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Louise S.

Very good. Good twist.

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Rimas G.

Wonderful story, very captivating. Narrator did great work

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Very interesting book. I thought I had it all figured out until the twist at the end.

Love the book kept me wondering what was gonna happen next

Definitely a good book to listen to - it jumps back and forth with timelines and characters but that was easy to follow

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James A.

Appalling audio quality. Was like listening to it under water.

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Stacy G.

OMG! I listen to this one in just 2 days at work. I really enjoyed the major plot twists and the capturing of the utter chaos. Especially because whether we want to admit it or not things like this happen and its terrifying!

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Interesting storyline with a couple of nice twists. Great listen.

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Caroline T.

I loved this book. Not my usual genre, so has really got me interested in more thrillers. Loved the story and the ending was, for me at least, unexpected . Would definitely recommend.

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Tiffany B.

Very good and easy listen.

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Joan B.

I really enjoyed the intrigue and how the plot was put together. I few surprises and kept me interested

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Good book drug a little in the middle. The end twist was unexpected.

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What did you think?

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Excellent storyline, interesting twists and kept me wondering until the end. The narrator speaks quickly, which distracted me somewhat

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Leigh E.

Overall I liked the storyline and plot, I just felt their was a lot of repetition and reiterating, especially with the main storyline and characters. Yes. Kelsey is “missing”, we know. How many people will you remind about it and how many times will you bring it back up to me. Yes we think it’s weird you got that decrepit old house in the middle of nowhere and your sister got a mansion. How many times will you talk about it. Yes we heard about your mothers heartlessness and psychological games, how many times will you again bring it up. It could’ve been much shorter if they focused on the main points and moved on instead of poring over it again and again

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The narrator had too gravelly a voice which was annoying to listen to for twelve hours. I enjoyed the book and the ending was very unexpected.

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A great listen

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Kristian M.

I liked it a lot. I did figure it out (for the most part) halfway through. The end was anticlimactic. All that suspense throughout, I wanted it to end with a BANG. Instead it ended with a .... POP. But it kept me interested throughout the entire book.

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Dietmar B.

A fun tread!

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Shelby G.

Good read, keeps you wondering with a surprise ending.

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Deb P.

The ending came to suddenly and tried to wrap up everything in less than 1 1/2 hrs after 10 hours of listening I had to stop and replay portions to understand the ending.

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Very good book with the surprising ending. It keeps you guessing.

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Jane F.

Absolutely riveting. The twists...well worth the time. I usually only listen to audiobooks while I work. I couldn't wait to find out what was next.

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gripping story.

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