Living Healthy Made Easy: Enhance your Health, Get Fitter and Heal your body & mind with a Positive Mindset

Written by:
Israa Hilles
Narrated by:
Timothy Burke

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
4 hours 2 minutes
The positives of meditation appear to deride the naysayers from reducing
pressure, stress, sleep loss, and even pain. An extensive range of studies shows how
meditation affects psychological and physical prosperity. Via meditation, the rest demonstrates signs of change; you can monitor your weight. Your associations gradually become palatable, and physical torments that regularly pass across in total disorder can be diminished.Weight loss, cure the body, body love" is done to make sure you take care of your body. You would be willing to take accountability for your life after reading this book and bridle any improvements you might want to impact.This book includes the following:•The latest Directed Weight Loss Meditation•Understanding and managing physical and emotional starvation•The power of directed meditation for weight loss•Phase by step approach to avoid unhealthy food and sugar•Essential weight loss nutrition habits Keto diet•And a lot more!It is essential to understand the importance of the mind-body relationship in feeding and handling our weight and well-being. Knowing this, you will make appropriate adjustments to meet the current requirements and the additional flexibility to adapt from here into the future in every new setting.You might be frightened by the term "meditation," but only the right way to meditate is guaranteed in this book. At the start of your weight reduction, let this be your reference!So, what are you expecting? Purchase this book and launch your journey to weight loss now!
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