The Lord of Opium

Written by:
Nancy Farmer
Narrated by:
Raul Esparza

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2013
11 hours 31 minutes
In the riveting sequel to the acclaimed bestseller The House of the Scorpion, Matt reels from the change in status quo and struggles to do the right thing; find out his story’s end in this new edition with a reimagined cover!

Matt Alacrán is a fourteen-year-old drug lord.

Until recently, Matt was just a clone grown from a strip of El Patrón’s skin. Now he is lord of the land of Opium, on the one-time US–Mexico border, and rules over an army of microchipped, zombielike workers who are programmed to produce the drugs that are Opium’s main export. El Patrón kept the air and water in Opium clean, but the rest of the world is a polluted wasteland.

Matt is sure that, in his new position, he can find a way to break the cycle of violence and destruction—but it will only be possible if he chooses the right people to trust.
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Justine Adema

The 2nd installment of a story I was sad to have finished, no doubt. What an affecting adventure into humanity, with all its strengths and weaknesses. And what rich, complex characters! Raul Esparza's incredible talent brings them to life in his narration. A purchase well-spent. <3

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Krisztina K.

a rare example where the sequel is as good as the original! Thrilling, complex plot with a whole new set of antagonists as well as learning more about and involving more some of the House of the Scorpion's minor characters. The plot has multiple problems that Matt has to solve and the ending is anything but simple or obvious

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