Lost: A Novel

Written by:
Alice Lichtenstein
Narrated by:
Carrington MacDuffie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2010
7 hours 0 minutes
On a cold January morning Susan leaves her husband alone for a few minutes and returns to find him gone. He has Alzheimer’s, and he has wandered alone into a frigid landscape with no sense of home or direction. Lost.

The massive search for her husband brings Susan together with Jeff, a search and rescue expert and social worker preoccupied with his young wife’s betrayal. In Jeff’s care is Corey, a young boy rendered mute and abandoned by his family after setting a fire in which his older brother was killed.

As the temperature drops and the search and rescue effort builds towards a startling climax, each of the three reflects on their life choices as they struggle with haunting and persistent questions: how am I responsible? What more could I have done?
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