Lost and Found

Written by:
Jim Lehrer
Narrated by:
Jim Lehrer

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
2 hours 40 minutes
Oklahoma lieutenant-governor One-Eyed Mack heads to France in pursuit of his chum Luther Wallace, speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, who has disappeared except for a message saying he won't return until he's ready. Having located Luther but failed to convince him to return, Mack comes back to another mystery: why did a bus driver intentionally go over a bridge, killing himself and his passengers? He also does battle with Oklahoma governor Buffalo Joe Hayman, who wants to build two two-lane turnpikes. Peopled with evocative characters, this original novel is filled with yarns about country music, joggers, funerals, venereal disease, lawyers and much more.

*Extended track length will prohibit the ability to burn to a standard CD*
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