Lost at Logans Beach: A Gripping Crime Thriller from Down Under

Lost at Logans Beach: A Gripping Crime Thriller from Down Under

Written by:
Barry Metcalf
Narrated by:
Geoffrey Boyes
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
8 hours 7 minutes
Wrongly accused of his wife's murder, and beset by bizarre dreams, Martin finds everyday life almost more than he can bear.

Martin's wife is dead—murdered—and the authorities have it all wrong when they arrest Martin for the crime. He's devastated, confused, vulnerable, and lost after being released on bail. Desperate to reconnect with someone, he confides in a beautiful redhead. She offers to help him recover from this crisis, but nothing seems to go right, and life becomes a razor's edge upon which he must walk.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the fourth thrilling installment in 'The Oz Files,' featuring a series of intriguing thrillers set in Australia, written with great authenticity by Aussie author Barry Metcalf.

- Book 1: Broometime Serenade
- Book 2: Intrigue at Sandy Point
- Book 3: Spirit of Warrnambool
- Book 4: Lost at Logans Beach

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