Lost Boy

Written by:
Chanda Hahn
Narrated by:
Stephanie Willis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
7 hours 57 minutes
After nearly losing Wendy, Peter returns her to her family but he fears she may not be safe from Hook.

Torn between protecting Wendy and leading the Lost Boys, he must decide to fulfill his duty or follow his heart. Wendy awakes in her bedroom, clothes stained in blood, with no memories of Peter or Neverland.

Wendy struggles to return to her normal life, but shadows plague her during the day, and where shadows roam, monsters follow. With Hook closing in on the Lost Boys' hideout, Peter faces a betrayer from within the ranks of Neverwood. The final battle is on the horizon, and the secret to victory lies within the shadows, but only one can hear their voice, the Lost Girl.
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