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Lost Child

Written by:
D.S. Butler
Narrated by:
Esther Wane

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
9 hours 23 minutes
Her chest tightened and anxiety prickled over her skin. Jenna was gone. Two years ago, Beth Farrow turned her back on her three-year-old niece, Jenna, for just a few seconds. She disappeared without a trace. How does a three-year-old go missing from a crowded summer fete without anyone noticing? When Beth leaves the country to try and escape her guilt, someone sends her a photograph from an anonymous number. It's a photograph of Jenna. She's older, but Beth is sure it's her niece. She is determined to do what the police cannot: Find Jenna and bring her home. But someone isn't pleased when Beth returns, and they will do whatever it takes to get rid of her. This time, for good.
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David Young

Disappointing. Wasn't difficult to guess the "who done it" from between half and two thirds of the way through. Like a cheesy cliché ridden tv drama.

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Ger Faughnan

A gripping story. But there were times when I wanted to fast forward. That said - it had me guessing (wrongly) as to "who dunnit".

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Florentina G.

I did not like the book. I mean I liked it until a certain point, but then it was... not good enough for me. I knew what would happen and the main character let me down again and again. I almost did not finish the book... the narrator was good. I liked her voice, how she changed it for all of the characters, how she read it... Overall it was a Sunday book... the equivalent of a popcorn movie. I am sorry if I am too harsh...

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