The Lost Ship: The Evaran Chronicles II prequel

The Lost Ship: The Evaran Chronicles II prequel

Written by:
Adair Hart
Narrated by:
Michael Wolfe
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
4 hours 3 minutes
Sometimes it’s better to be quiet in a galactic forest.

Captain Herix Trellis just wanted to command the UPS Alpaca, not fight to the death against a vicious reptilian alien species known as the Gorkeens. One year after crash-landing on an unknown planet and with his crew dispersed, there isn’t much hope of a rescue.

One issue is they got there by a portal they couldn’t avoid, and now they have no idea where they are or when. Another problem is that over half the crew has been enslaved and used for food. It also doesn’t help that another third of the crew escaped and has not been heard from since.

Enter Evaran and M, two cosmic beings who travel through space, time, and beyond to help those in need. They, along with Herix and his group, need to rescue the other human survivors and bring justice to the Gorkeens while also navigating galactic politics.
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