The Lottery Winners

Written by:
A J Wills
Narrated by:
Harrie Dobby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
7 hours 22 minutes
They've won the lottery - but at what cost?
When Callum Champion and his wife, Jade, win the jackpot on the lottery, they think all their dreams have come true.

Until they're approached by a desperate stranger begging for help and they discover the cost of their newfound fortune might be more than they're willing to pay.

Their win should mean they can look forward to a life of unbridled wealth and freedom. They'll be able to move out of their tiny, rented property, finally start a family, clear their debts and never have to worry about how they're going to pay the bills again.

But widower Gabriel Salt has a unique proposition for them – the chance to put right the appalling injustice of his pregnant wife's untimely death.

His request puts them in an impossible position, forcing them to make a decision that will have far-reaching consequences and threatening to put them in the crosshairs of a dangerous criminal family.

They may have more money than they could ever have dreamed of, but they'll soon realise all the money in the world can't buy happiness – or even their own safety…
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Sally D.

I won a copy of this book from AJ Wills,having read many of his other books this didn't disappoint. The story was totally believable that people's heads can be turned so quickly by coming into a vast amount of money. I do find though with audio books the same voice doing the narration throughout ie male/female parts doesn't keep me as engaged as me reading the book for some reason. A great book all the same.

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Eva E.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Lottery Winners by A J Wills - thriller author is a madly twisty psychological thriller with an ending you would not guess in a million years! This is a book about choices and consequences! This is a book where saying "playing stupid games, winning stupid prizes" is so correct! When you have nothing you want everything. When you have everything you don't know how to deal with it! And this is where Callum and his wife Jade find themself once the jackpot hits their bank account! They don't listen to the advice given to them by the Lottery adviser, they don't listen to the inner voice... they are starting to make one stupid mistake after another... Now their life is in danger and they don't know can they survive... I am so happy about this audiobook narrated by Harrie Dobby! I was lucky to win it in the competition arranged by the A.J. Wills! Thank you so much!

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