Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks with Buddha

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Ravi Zacharias

Narrated By: Simon Vance

Publisher: Hovel Audio

Date: August 2005

Duration: 1 hours 56 minutes


Step into a Long-Tail Boat on the River of Kings and become immersed in an imaginary conversation between Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha.

Both talked about the "self", but one denied it even existed.
Both felt the pain of human suffering, but each had radically different responses to it.
Both addressed our deepest hungers, but one saw them as an impediment, the other as a clue.
Both have earned a worldwide following - but their answers are words apart.

Jesus and Buddha agreed that Truth could withstand scrutiny. Listen in as the Soul of Truth speaks with the Heart of Compassion. It could change your life.

Ravi Zacharias was born in India. After earning his master's degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he began a speaking ministry that has taken him worldwide (including the campuses of Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford) as a recognized authority on comparative religions, cults, and philosophy. His books include the Gold Medallion winner Can Man Live without God, Light in the Shadow of Jihad, The Lotus and the Cross, He also teaches the weekly international radio program let my people think. Ravi lives with his wife, Margaret, in Atlanta. They have three grown children.


  • Julia Baldridge

    I've had several interactions with folks proclaiming to be Buddhist. This book made a big difference for me in understanding some of the strongest difference between Buddhism and Christianity. For instance, I didn't realize Buddha taught the greatest road to peace was separation from all things. That includes relationships. If all those are removed and mediation/self reflection is what you strive for supposedly you reach a point to have a better life in the next life eventually getting to nirvana. I can't imagine what life would be like with out relationships which is the core of Christ teachings. God said to Moses, "I'd rather be in the thorns and thistles with you than the land flowing of milk and honey with out you". Buddha and his followers are either extremely self focused or lonely!