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Love in Recovery: Series 1 & 2: The BBC Radio 4 comedy drama

Written by:
Pete Jackson

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2016
4 hours 50 minutes
Sue Johnston, John Hannah and Eddie Marsan are among the stars of this spellbinding, hilarious and uplifting comedy drama.

Set entirely at a series of weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, these 13 episodes also feature Rebecca Front, Paul Kaye, Julia Deakin and Samantha Bond.

Love in Recovery follows the lives of five very different recovering alcoholics. Eddie Marsan is Andy, the sweet but simple group leader. Sue Johnston is Julie, who's been known to have the odd relapse here and there, and everywhere. John Hannah is Simon, a snide journalist with a big secret. Rebecca Front is the snobby and guarded Fiona, who used to be a banker who had it all, and then lost the lot. Paul Kaye is Danno, a dodgy geezer with no front teeth, but a lot of heart.

During the course of two series and a special Christmas episode, we hear them get to know each other, get on each other’s nerves, laugh, argue, fall apart, fall in love and, most importantly, tell their stories.

Written and created by Pete Jackson, Love in Recovery is inspired by his own road to recovery. Duration: 5 hours approx
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