Love Sex Again: A Gynecologist Finally Fixes the Issues That Are Sabotaging Your Sex Life

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Lauren Streicher

Narrated By: Tanya Eby

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: April 2014

Duration: 13 hours 30 minutes


Are you missing the vibrant, exciting sex life you used to have?

Do you avoid sex because it is uncomfortable? Or even painful?

Are you faced with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or another illness that makes sex more challenging?

Have you lost interest in sex altogether?

Are you ready to . . . love sex again?

For millions of women in America, sex is not the pleasurable, fun activity it once was. For many, sex has become a low priority as they navigate marriage, motherhood, and work . . . not to mention chronic stress and lack of sleep. Throw in the natural fluctuations in hormone levels that all women experience, whether due to PMS or pregnancy or while postpartum or perimenopausal, and beyond, and it is not surprising that sex becomes, well, a little less sexy. Common gynecological problems can make sex uncomfortable, and medical issues can cause it to be downright painful.

If you've been unwilling or afraid to talk to your doctor about your problems in the bedroom, or if you have asked your physician for help and want advice beyond ,take a bubble bath, or ,try a lubricant,, then Love Sex Again is your guide to reclaiming the sex life you want . . . and deserve! Meet Lauren Streicher, the doctor who will change your life.

Dr. Streicher, a leading women's sexual health expert, offers women the courage, vocabulary, and knowledge to identify and solve problems in the bedroom once and for all. In Love Sex Again, Dr. Streicher covers the full scope of issues regarding sexuality, from flagging libido to vaginal dryness to sex after menopause, and so much more. She cuts through the hearsay on the use of hormone replacement therapy and discusses which hormonal products women of all ages can and should use, and why. She explains why some women experience a complete loss of libido due to medication, birth control, or a cycle of painful sex that basically shuts down desire, and how to reverse this trend.

She illustrates the possible sources of sexual discomfort, everything from skin disorders to endometriosis, and offers solutions on drugs and treatment that can stop the pain. And, for the first time, Dr. Streicher helps women who have endured medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to reclaim sex as a part of their lives during and after treatment.

Knowledge is always the best weapon, and Love Sex Again offers a wealth of it, along with a good dose of humor and plenty of encouragement, so that women of all ages can make having great sex a part of their lives forever.

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