Love, Skip, Jump: Start Living the Adventure of Yes

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Shelene Bryan

Narrated By: Shelene Bryan

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Date: April 2014

Duration: 5 hours 49 minutes


Every significant event in the Bible happened because someone said yes to God. Start living the adventure of yes today!

Shelene Bryan had it all—a wonderful husband, two great kids, a rewarding job, a dream home, and more. Then a friend saw the pictures on the refrigerator door of the two African kids Shelene’s family sponsors and she asked, “How do you know those kids are real?” That question changed Shelene’s life forever.

In Love, Skip, Jump, Shelene shares how she loved being safe and comfortable. She had no desire to leave the USA. But she couldn’t shake the question and soon was on a plane to Africa. She said yes to God, and not only met the kids her family sponsors but opened herself up to the journey God had been preparing for her, including founding, a charity that provides food and clean water to children around the world.

Some of the most amazing things God wants to do in our lives involve allowing him to take us on uncomfortable journeys.

Don’t miss out on the incredible adventure God has for you. Say yes to God—love, skip, and jump your way to his plans for you!