Lover Awakened

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2009
15 hours 14 minutes
Author of the #1 New York Times best-selling Black Dagger Brotherhood novels, J. R. Ward enthralls fans with her erotic urban fantasies. The third book in the series tells the story of the vampire Zsadist, a former blood slave with a violent past. When he meets Bella, Zsadist thinks her human love could be his path to salvation. Then Bella is kidnapped, and Zsadist will stop at nothing to get her back.
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Lisa W.

I am enjoying listening to my stories while working!!!! I love these books!!!❤️❤️❤️

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I love all the books in this series so far.

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jennifer levesque

Loved the audiobook. This one is my favorite of the BDB series.

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Enjoyable story. Great narration.

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Kaitlyn D.

yes more please!

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LOVE LOVE LIVE THE ENTIRE SERIES!! Started reading way back in 2014, now enjoying again through audio. This series is WELL WORTH following all the story lines!! I read one review complaining about all the characters. Give it another chance - she is brilliant!! All the clues and innuendo… there are hints of stories to come!! Looking forward to book 4 - if I remember correctly… Butch!! ♥️

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Ashante Williams

TRIGGERS: sexual abuse. Although I like this series, I wasn't really feeling this book. First, there's way too many storylines to follow. You have the memories of Zhadist, Phury's memory of finding Zhadist years ago, "The Lessers'" story, Bella's kidnapping and retrieval, Zhadist and Bella's story, Butch's story, Thorment, Wellsie and John's story, John's story, Revenge's story,  and David "Mr. O's story. It's a lot to follow along with and not much to keep you interested. I also felt like it took the entire book before the romance or at least the sex began. In previous books we at least have more fighting to keep us entertained while the romance slowly burns. Understanding Zhadist's abuse I totally get that but he behaved like a petulant child more often than not and I got tired of hearing him push Bella away. The book was ok… just not my favorite. 

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Michaela S.

My favourite book of all of the BDB-books. Love Z and Bella. Narration was ok.

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Carolyn C.

Great book series, narrated so well! Both my husband and I listen to the books and are addicted, can’t wait for the next one.

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Michelle S.

Great fun vampire series! Narrative is perfect for the story.

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Lorraine Flint

I read the book before but this narration is wonderful. It brings everything back to life even more than when I read it

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Nickole Woodyard

I LOVE this book series but more so this particular character! LOVE!!!!

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Jana Conaway

This is hands down my favorite book in the series! Loved it

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Marshelia Rogers

BDB rocks! Why can't I find men, uh, males like that.

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joshua hopper

such a good book!! I love this series!!! on to the next book in the series now!

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