Love's Shadow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
11 hours 24 minutes
Six years ago, Branwell D’Angelo fell in love with Lucy Snow—his brother’s girlfriend. It was stupid, but sometimes the heart doesn’t listen to reason. For six years, he lived on the sidelines—watching his brother love her, be with her, bask in her sunshine. And then he watched her break his brother’s heart, and he cleaned up the shattered pieces. Now she’s back in their lives and needs the unique help only D’Angelos can give. Branwell’s brother isn’t emotionally strong enough to face her, so he sends Branwell instead… When tragedy strikes Lucy on a visit to Italy, she can’t bring herself to call any of the D’Angelo brothers for help. There are consequences for falling in love with your ex-boyfriend’s brother. But Lucy desperately needs Branwell’s paranormal skills and his gift of Sight. And if seeing him will negate at least three years of therapy? Well, it’s a price she's willing to pay. Thrown together in a desperate bid to save an innocent life, Branwell and Lucy struggle against their shared past, only to realize that something even more dangerous is reaching through the weight of time to stalk their every move... The second book in the Brothers Maledetti series, this book is also a standalone novel.
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