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Book Rating (52)

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Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Jonathan Eig

Narrated By: Unknown

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: April 2005

Duration: 5 hours 49 minutes


Lou Gehrig was the Iron Horse, baseball's strongest and most determined superstar, struck down in his prime by a disease that now bears his name. But who was Lou Gehrig, really?

Lou Gehrig is regarded as the greatest first baseman in baseball history. A muscular but clumsy athlete who grew up in New York City, He idolized his hardworking mother and remained devoted to her all his life. Shy and socially awkward, Gehrig was a misfit on a Yankee team that included drinkers and hell-raisers, most notably Babe Ruth.


  • mark j

    Excellent book! I knew Lou as a ball player now I know Henry Louis as a person and what a kind humble mild manner of man he was and the courage he showed through toughest periods of his life.

  • paul

    Excellent , What a remarkable ball player. struck down wih ALS . Never gave up and always looking for hope.

  • Douglas Carney

    Excellent book. Great baseball story with a very human touch. I was ALMOST inclined to even like the Yankees for a bit. Having been a life-long Red Sox fan, this wasn't easy to accomplish. Highly recommend this book.

  • Rose Szablewski

    This read should be a mandatory pre-req for anyone who enters professional sports of any kind. It embodies the essence of everything a professional sportsman SHOULD be. My goodness . . .what has this world come to. When you compare then to now . . .it is frightening.

  • Mike Broderick

    For any baseball fan, for any sports fan, for any fan of greatness, for any fan of life. This guy was on top of the world and came down with a deadly disease. Yet, he truly believed that he was lucky. The inter-mingling of Ruth and Gehrig makes this even better

  • Mary Moore

    This was an excellent book. Recently read another on about Lou Gehrig which was not nearly as complete.

  • Anonymous

    A great baseball story. Enjoyable and touching. Gehrig was a model for what many players today need - consistent and humble, not self-centered and greedy.

  • John Hodsdon

    I have always been a baseball fan, but knew little of the life of Lou Gehrig. The book not only gave great information on his carreer, but also showed who he was as a man. After listening to the book, his famous words mean so much more.

  • Anonymous

    This is a wonderful book about a noble man. The baseball portions are concise and the story of his life and family are very moving. well worth listening to.

  • Tony Franz

    Very informative and entertaining........a must read for the baseball fan. This book certainly pays homage to a very special baseball personality This book was a very entertaining and informative read.....a must if you are interested in the game of baseball and great baseball personalities. It more than adequately compares the game and players of yesteryear with those of today.