Written By: Jackie Collins

Narrated By: Jackie Collins

Date: August 1991

Duration: 3 hours 0 minutes


The “impossible to put down” (The Wall Street Journal) sequel in the Lucky Santangelo series from the New York Times bestselling “queen of glamour fiction” (San Antonio Express-News) Jackie Collins.

From Chances to Dangerous Kiss, bestselling superstar Jackie Collins has spun the incredible saga of the extraordinary Lucky Santangelo. A hot-blooded beauty in love with power and hungry for pleasure, Lucky’s dazzling odyssey—and her trail of enemies—sweeps from the casinos of Las Vegas to a private Greek island, from cutthroat Hollywood to chic New York and Paris.

She’s a gambler and a lover. She’s wild, savvy, and proud. She’s Lucky…and you’ll never forget her.


  • Jamie Lynn D

    Very interesting topic and memoir. Gut wrenching at times but I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability of the author to tell her story so honestly without filter. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Anonymous

    This is definitely not the happiest story I admire the author's bravery and candor in writing this book and its interesting to hear the author, herself, read it. The story draws you in right away, but then the story seems to slow down and drag on a bit. Its worth listening to.

  • Anonymous

    I gave this book 4 stars because of the courage that it took Alice Seabold to go through a rape. The actual story although interesting and heartbreaking was a bit slow at times and since Alice is the one reading it, it got a little monotone at times. The lovely bones was a better book from the same author. I would definitely recommend this book, it's a hard read.

  • Anonymous

    Great presentation of her life. I would recommend.

  • Anonymous

    It was very honest and sometimes stark. To me, it was very depressing. The author was the narrator, and I felt that her voice was monitone.

  • Anonymous

    This was a very strong book. It has given me focus in life to make the changes I've needed to make. Life is not easy. This book allowed me to feel my purpose & strength in life. I can push through my PTSD and move forward knowing I will be ok. Thanks Alice!

  • Jane

    This book is very graphic and descriptive. Sebold tells a very realistic account of her experience and at times I found myself cringing at the details. This was a very good listen however. Sebold doesn't exaggerate her experience, but seems genuinely honest in her relaying of the story. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys memoirs. This is read by the author herself. At times, however, I wish she would have been more animated with her voice, but overall, GREAT!

  • Cari Berggren

    Alice Sebold is amazing. She is honest, candid and brave for her efforts in this book. Though it was difficult to listen to, I found it opened my heart and mind to the possibilities of what the human spirit can overcome. Description and honesty about what happened are all going to be the keys to unlocking the horror of this crime and help women everywhere come forth. Three Cheers for Alice

  • David Gardner

    This story is more than about a rape; it is about adjusting to life after rape and the anguish of psychological rehabilitation, not only for the victim but for the family and friends of the victim. It is an honest, unvarnished account of an unimaginable crime and its aftermath. At times, the book was so difficult to listen to that I wanted to turn the CD player off. But at the same time the story itself was so compelling that I couldn't stop listening.

  • Lisbeth Thom

    Alice Sebold has done a brilliant job with her book, Lucky. It is her complete emotional honesty that makes this book so compelling. It is my hope that the writing of her tale with such bold truth acted as a catharsis to help her overcome the tragedy of her rape. This book is well written and is a credit to a grand author.

  • Anonymous

    This was a very hard read. It is terrible that someones life can be so changed by one major thing happening in her life. I find her to be very stong yet weak at the same time. Just like the rest of us. Very interesting how she views things and then relates them to everyday life. I commend her for writing her story. Bravo!

  • Anonymous

    Depressing. Very powerful and well written, but not a fun read.


by Jackie Collins

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Lucky, Jackie Collins
Lucky, Jackie Collins
This title is due for release on August 1, 1991.

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Lucky, Jackie Collins
This title is due for release on August 1, 1991
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Lucky, Jackie Collins
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Lucky, Jackie Collins

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