Made of Steel

Written by:
Ivy Smoak
Narrated by:
Elizabeth Hart

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
7 hours 54 minutes
The witness protection program has given me the fresh start I've always dreamed of. A new home. A new name. A new life. For the first time in ten years it feels like I can breathe again.

But the cost of freedom is more than I bargained for. I put my foster father behind bars. It doesn't matter that he deserved it. What matters is that he's powerful, manipulative, and now he wants me dead.

I can feel someone watching me. I know my time is running out. And the only other person who cares if I live or die is a masked stranger. So I'm putting my life in the vigilante's hands. And maybe a piece of my heart along with it. Even though I'm worried that he's just as dangerous as the man I sent to prison.
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Suzanne Smith

love it and the way the book was ready

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Really enjoyed the book but there is no ending. I was listening and all the sudden the book is over. Have to have the other two books in the trilogy or don’t bother listening to this one

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The author is well spoken and did build up the suspense. I understand that the main character is from a small town, which to most people will equate to being wholesome or innocent. Since it is alluded to during this book the main character is terrorized by her foster father, my main concern is how completely stupid she is made to be. I mean even without all that if you were straight off the farm you wouldn't do the ridiculous things this character does. The story is such a slow burn that at the end I am just ohhhhh well Summer yup there's no way you will survive anything. There is a huge mystery and yes I would like to know the freaking back story but I am not sure i can put up with another long filler book to finally get to the point.

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Book was better than narrator

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