The Mage's Dragon Enforcer: The High Garden Dragons 7

Written by:
C.K. Noel
Narrated by:
Aaron Ross

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
3 hours 17 minutes
Enemies aren’t supposed to fall in love—even if they’re fated mates… right?
Dimitri is a Black Caste Dragon and the head enforcer to his circle. He’s always longed for a mate but settled for physical intimacy instead. When he discovers that his fated mate is also the man who saved the enemy of Dragons, Dimitri is devastated and sees his chance at love slipping away forever.

How can he bond with his enemy?

Gavin, son of the Fae King and a witch of the Ancient Times, is a powerful mage not to be trifled with. He longs for a peaceful life but has a duty to protect Harper, a powerful—and crazy—witch. Gavin will have to make a heartbreaking decision…

Stay faithful to his duty to the witch… or bond with his mate.

Can these two unlikely mates find love together? Will their pasts and secrets become too much and drive them apart? What consequences will arise from forging a forbidden bond?
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