Make the Fireflies Dance

Written by:
Rachel Bateman
Narrated by:
Casey Holloway

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
7 hours 49 minutes
In this rom com from the author of Someone Else's Summer, a hopeless romantic juggles senior year stress, family problems, and faulty friendships around the end of senior year and prom.

Quincy Walker is a hopeless romantic, so when she's kissed by a stranger in a dark theater, her rom-com obsessed imagination begins plotting the perfect movie-version ending to her senior year (which ends, like all great high school rom-coms, with the prom). With the help of her friends, Operation Mystery Kisser is born: a plan to set Quin up on dates with all the guys who were at the theater that night so she can discover who kissed her. The only problem? Her friends insist on blind dates, and Quin hates letting go of control--just ask the members of her group for her final project for film class. As prom draws nearer, Quin is no closer to finding who her mystery kisser was, and she's not sure she wants to continue looking. Maybe it's her dad's failing health and her brother's absence; maybe it's the fact that she's fighting with her best friend; or maybe--just maybe--it's that she's falling for a guy who definitely isn't the one she's been looking for.
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