Making Things Right: The Simple Philosophy of a Working Life

Written by:
Ole Thorstensen
Narrated by:
Ulf Bjorklund

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2018
5 hours 34 minutes
From a master carpenter, Making Things Right is a celebration of good craftsmanship and a tribute to manual labor in the story of a loft renovation.

Making Things Right is the simple yet fascinating story of a loft renovation. It is also a book about work and identity, about collaboration and pride in skilled craftsmanship, and about what it means to make things with your hands in a consumerism-driven world. From the moment carpenter and contractor Ole receives the first phone call asking him to submit an estimate for the job, to when the space is ready for occupation—his role involves heavy lifting, patience, and problem solving, splinters in fingers, meticulous detail, and teamwork. Full of joy and pride in craftsmanship and his trade, the author reflects on the philosophical aspects of life and work while laying out the construction process.

Rich with descriptions of the carpenter’s role and work process, Thorstensen’s book gives a warm and often humorous portrayal of a tight-knit working community, writing passionately about his profession and of the joy of seeing a vision for a space take shape. Making Things Right is the simple philosophy of a working life.
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