Making Waves

Abridged Audiobook

Publisher: Listen & Live Audio

Date: February 2011

Duration: 6 hours 18 minutes


In a small Alabama town in Zion County, life is finally looking up for twenty-year-old Donnette Sullivan. Having just inherited her aunt's old house and beauty shop, she's taken over the business, and her husband Tim, recently crippled in an accident, is beginning to cope not just with his disabilities but also with the loss of his dreams. Once a promising artist who gave up art for sports, Tim paints a sign for Donnette's shop, Making Waves. The raising of the sign causes ripples through the town.

In a sequence of events-sometimes funny, sometimes tragic-leading up to the surprise denouement, the lives of Donnette, Tim, and others in their small circle of family and friends are unavoidably affected.

Making Waves is about love and friendship and betrayal, unfulfilled desires and heartbreaking losses. Once the waves of change surge through Zion County, the lives of its people are inextricably altered.


  • Kimberly S

    Very disappointing. I couldn't even make it past the first CD. Too much fake "accent" by the reader put me off.

  • Kim

    You can't go wrong with this book. I enjoyed it very much. I can't wait to read the others by her.

  • Lisa

    I was very dissapointed, I loved Sunday wife by Cassandra King, so I couldn't wait to read her other books. But the ones I've read since were just not as good.

Making Waves

by Nanette Savard, Faith Potts, Cassandra King

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Making Waves, Nanette Savard, Faith Potts, Cassandra King