Making Your Visions Come Alive: Becoming A Master Creator

Making Your Visions Come Alive: Becoming A Master Creator

Written by:
Debra Hale , Tannie Bennett
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
7 hours 7 minutes
Making Your Visions Come Alive is a masterful work of discovering your divine potential, unique gifts, and your life's purpose. Learn how to use this marvelous information in the Creative Process so that you too can Make Your Visions Come Alive. Tannie and Debra have spent years discovering and learning the Creative Process. In this Audiobook you will learn the 'ins and outs' of becoming the Master Creator you are destined to be. You will discover the natural flow of energy and how this will support you in the Creative Process. You will learn why your creations do not manifest, the gift of the opposition, and how to move forward into the life of your dreams. This program is a powerful journey of discovery that you will enjoy and benefit from for the rest of your life. Discover for yourself that the universe is your playground and all things are possible.

We believe we are all Creators and it is Divine will for us to live a fully abundant life. Join us as we, together, fill the measure of our creation and become all that we are eternally meant to be.

“This is the beginning of great things.” - Linda

“This makes me feel like anything is possible; I would love to walk in Tannie and Debra’s footsteps forever.” - Elaine

“This information is a ball of fire in my heart.” - Cathy

“They answered all my questions even before I asked; excellent program, excellent information, excellent duo.” - Suzie

“This was wonderful. A wealth of inspired knowledge and information. I especially enjoyed the personal heartfelt stories they so lovingly and honestly shared about their life experiences.” - Jennifer

'I've been making vision boards for many years, with this training I have found a system to become more clear on how to organize my boards and how to more effectively make those visions a reality' - Lois
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