Man In The Browser: With Cookies

Man In The Browser: With Cookies

Written by:
Jackson Moonga
Narrated by:
Gary Westphalen
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
9 hours 35 minutes
My old friend in the College sent me this frightening, personality-threatening request:

'Hey Jackson, I know you are very good with the computer. I applied for a senior consultant role in one of the Fortune 500 companies. I have passed a series of interviews but was told they couldn't hire me because of my online reputation. How does this work?'

If you haven't googled your name or your business's name, NOW is the time to do so. An essential aspect of a profitable marketing strategy is to be aware of how your business or your personality appears to your ideal customers or prospective employers. You can be sure that your potential employers would have searched the internet looking for what people are saying about you. My old college friend wasn't aware of this, and it came as a surprise to him.

From our social media profiles, digital CVs, credit card transactions to online gaming sites and auction sites like eBay and Amazon, we are being searched online 24/7. When potential clients find your business or profile online, they are most likely to check your online reputation before making a decision. If you are unaware of what's being said online about your profile, it may cost you huge loss.

Man in the Browser is the book that helps you take control of yourself and digital footprint. If yours is already damaged, this book provides you with the steps to take in order to repair your online reputation.

This book is filled with industry tips, real-life situations, and powerful strategies to manage and control your online reputation.
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