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The Man Who Ate the 747

Written by:
Ben Sherwood
Narrated by:
David Schramm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2000
5 hours 57 minutes
This is the story of the greatest love, ever....

J. J. Smith, Keeper of the Records for The Book of Records, is an ordinary man searching for the extraordinary. J.J. has clocked the world’s longest continuous kiss. He has verified the lengthiest single unbroken apple peel. He has tasted the world’s largest menu item. But J.J. has never witnessed great love.

That is, until he comes to a tiny town in the American heartland. Here J.J. discovers a world record attempt like no other. Piece by piece, a farmer is eating a Boeing 747 to prove his love for a woman. But when J.J. unexpectedly falls in love with the same woman, a woman as outwardly cynical as he is, J.J. learns why records are made to be broken...and why the greatest wonders in life can never be measured.
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Imagine Wilfred Brimley trying to read the parts of young women. Not pleasant. It's hard to tell if the book was any good because the reader was so ill-suited for the material.

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At first I thought this book was going to be a dry, boring story with lots of miscellaneous facts, but it turned out to be a great story! Don't give up on it too soon. You'll end up loving it. Plus the narrator has a very cozy voice and portrays the characters in various voices which makes it all the nicer to listen to.

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Elizabeth Lewis

Though the beginning was hard to get into, this book was a delightful love story with an amusing background setting. The reader of this book is very clear.

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